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Care & Residential Home Training – attentive, cost effective instruction

"In safe hands"

Helping your people help others

If you operate in the health and social care sector you know how important it is to have dedicated staff who consistently demonstrate their commitment to others. To be effective, they must also have the skills they need to be able to perform well in their demanding roles. That’s where we can help.

Experts in the provision of care instruction

At Elevation Training we offer class-based sessions ranging from overviews of specific conditions to medical interventions using specialised equipment.  We also have self-guided packages on our Online Courses page related to the general carehome environment such as manual handling, food safety and fire marshalling

Click on the titles below to find out more about our comprehensive class-based courses, and see the Health & Social Care Training Planner for the dates of these interactive sessions.

Moving and Handling People Duration: Half day

Anyone who lifts and moves others needs to be aware of how to do so safely – for both parties. This half day course includes a risk assessment guide and shows how to assist people in and out of chairs, beds and the correct use of handling aids. Call us to book up your employees now.

Moving and Handling – Train the Trainer Duration: 3 to 5 days

For those required to teach others the correct procedures for assisting people’s mobility, this course is ideal. Starting with a look at current legislation and record keeping, other modules include assessment of risk and practical skills as well as basic teaching techniques and lesson preparation. Contact us for further details of what’s included.

Medication Administration Duration: Half day

This course helps attendees understand the legislation around drug use, follow best practice for safe administration and record keeping, plus understand the importance of procedures for the storage, handling and disposal of drugs. Incorporating discussions on common and controlled drugs, this half day session helps protect your people and their patients. Phone or email us for further details.

Care Planning and Record Keeping Duration: 1 day

Those attending this course will be exposed to best practice in care planning and record keeping, in order to help patients and guard against litigation. Delegates will learn how to write comprehensive care plans that meet legal, NMC and CQC standards, as well as gain an insight into the do’s and don’ts of record keeping. See our Care Training Planner for dates or call us for further details.

Which Dressing for Which Wound? Duration: 1 day

Everyone involved in the care of those with health problems should have an appreciation of the factors that affect wound healing rates. Starting with skin physiology, the course looks at pressure damage and how to prevent it, wound care formulary and even the philosophy behind wound healing. Contact us for further content details.

Continence and Catheter Training Duration: 2 days

Split across 2 days, this training starts with a refresher on anatomy and physiology, indications for catheterisation and bladder installation, and common trouble shooting. Incontinence causes and treatments and bowel dysfunction are investigated, and care pathways are discussed, Contact us to discover what else is included on this comprehensive course

Male catheterisation Duration: half day

Commencing with a review of the male genito-urinary system, this half day session gives delegates theoretical and practical insights to enable them to perform male catheterisation safely and appropriately. Potential complication and infection issues are covered in detail. Call for further details.

Pressure Ulcer Prevention Duration: 1 day

This course gives delegates an awareness of those patients at risk of pressure damage and provides them with national and European guidance on preventative measures to minimise incidents as well as financial costs, and legal aspects surrounding the issues. Call us for more information.

Syringe Driver Care, Medications & Care of the Patient Duration: 1 day

Explaining the reasons why we use syringe drivers to administer medications, this session looks at typical medications, risks, and complications as well as advantages and drawbacks of their use. Contact us for more details.

Peg Feeding Duration: Half day

Starting with the reasons for using a peg tube, this training teaches the practical and theoretical approach to peg feeding, types of nourishment and feeding regimes, management of common problems and most importantly, supporting the client. For more details on this training, just call.

Blood Glucose Monitoring Duration: Half day

This course enables delegates to gain a fuller understanding of type 1 and 2 diabetes in order to maintain patients’ blood sugar levels and optimise their health. Including health and safety risks and legal implications, this course is an excellent introduction to diabetic patient care. Contact us for details.

End of Life Care Duration: Part day

Helping delegates meet the needs of the patient at the end stage of life, this 6 hour course equips attendees with the skills and knowledge needed to support the patient, relatives and other care staff. With insights into when to contact GPs and dealing with documentation, End of Life Care is a course that can help give your workers the confidence they need. Call us for course dates

Dementia Overview & Care Duration: Half day

The course’s aim is to give delegates an understanding of dementia, understand forms of the disease and identify its effects on the individual and their carer. Taking in possible behaviour changes and the assessment of risk, the session is geared towards improving the quality of life for all concerned. Contact us for further details.

Care Planning and Record Keeping Duration: 1 day

Those attending will be briefed on best practice in care planning and record keeping in order to help prevent litigation against them and their organisation. During the day, delegates will learn how to write comprehensive care plans that meet legal, NMC and CQC standards, as well as gain an insight into the do and don’ts of record keeping. Call us for dates and further details.

Help your staff improve their skills in helping others. Contact us to ask about our Health & Social Care training packages